Master Tailgaters

Wireless Tow Light Bar 19" - Ultra Bright Up to 24 Hours of Usage



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Wireless Tow Bar Specifications
  • Wireless: Ranges up to 48 Feet without signal interruption
  • Power: 6 hours of continuous power and charges via 12V DC power outlet
  • Transmitter: Flat 4-pin Connection for full control
  • Magnets: 2.75" rubber soles holding 6 individual magnets for easy attachment and removal of the unit
  • LED: 9 Individual LED diodes spaced and separated for multi function



  • [WIRELESS] Wireless brake/turn signals/emergency lights with a range up-to 60 ft. with flat 4-pin trailer plug connector
  • [LED] Ultra-bright LED’s Housed in a 19” tough case. Recharges with 12V cigarette socket
  • [BATTERY] Rechargeable Battery life up to 12+ continuous hours on a single charge with charging cable
  • [MAGNET] Attaches via two strong rubber coated magnets for safe usage
  • [CASE] Bright Yellow Case for easy identification

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